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Ah,cheap jordsns Jerseys, have to say the word, but this time the isolation many people are afraid, but a little heavy to fly forgotten, here is the first medical school to learn how is this protection may not do it, second, there is not case appears, that this is safe.

SAC is preparing to go home when they met on the way Foreman, Foreman Shen Fei found this guy turned out to be black eyes, does this guy stay up late at night? Recently, it seems there is nothing worth watching the game, right?

Foreman saw Shen Fei played the listless hello, turned to go, fly sink quickly stopped Foreman, “You’re not very good spirit, things will not be too much of it at night?”

ah fly sink to make themselves the only distraction is the most effective method is Nafoerman a joke, have to say the effect is surprisingly good.

Foreman wry smile, “If I really like you have ladies like, my sister was sick, but you know now or do not run well, so my sister last night and talked late into the night. “

SAC thought not right ah, sick also talked late into the night, it is simply impossible to justify it, this guy is not confused, Shen Fei shook his hand in front of Foreman, “I said are you okay, you sister is sick, you still talk to her late? “

Foreman waved and said: “There is no mistake what I have three sisters, and to not get sick of that, how about you for a girlfriend?”

Then his face darkened Shen Fei, “isolated, may have been infected, I can only hope there is good news, even if I go back now there is no use, but also to receive a lot of checks. “

SAC and chatted for a while after Foreman returned home, but the SAC does not idle, but the internet and made contact Liz Han Xue well, let SAC surprised that although Britain has also been spread, but Han Xue and Liz okay no problem, it also allows SAC relieved lot.

But when Han Xue Han Fei Shen told Sophie was started after Han Xue in isolation news also surprised a moment, but then he began to cry, Fei Han Xue Shen and now some regret to tell the news, and Han Han Xue soft arguably the only weaknesses, and then a big thing Han Xue can survive, but if it comes to Korean soft, then Han Xue loses inch, and this gives Shen Fei very strange, but can also be understood SAC, after all, is Jieliang.

But SAC also know that even if they do not say Han Han Xue will give Sophie a call to the sensitivity of Han Xue professional reporters certainly will know something is wrong, sooner or later will know, not as good as their own to tell her.

Han Xue touched the tears, choked and said:. “My sister okay, how would such”

Shen Fei sighed, “Do not worry, all right, you and Liz do not mess around, try not to go out, I have made a phone call to Ouyang Zhuo through words and your sister, and now everything is fine, then if there is any news I will inform you of your task now is to take good care of yourself know! “
Although still in tears but
Han Xue Shen Fei could see Han Xue has stabilized, and SAC discovered Liz was very sensible, so after the end of the fly sink and a separate call, sending a message to Liz, I hope this time you can take care of Liz Han soft, etc. After all this busy SAC sigh, be regarded as assured.

Shen Fei lit a cigarette sitting on the couch, took a two, Shen Fei thought though now only moving mouths can not change anything, but at least he had made something else in mind not always practical.

The same feeling is not only Shen Fei, sitting beside Zhong Ling is the same, although Chung Ling too worried about their parents, but her friends Zhong Ling is also very worried, ah, Zhong Ling’s parents how to say is very good doctor, of course Zhong Ling is also no need to worry.

Shen Fei Ling looked at the clock beside him and smiled, of course, laughter is squeezed, “Zhong Ling, do not frown, and will in the past, I think it will not take long fine, rest assured.”

While SAC is definitely more than one person remark Chung Ling said, but have to say that Shen Fei say much more useful than others, Zhong Ling nodded very obedient, of course, the SAC contrast is not found, ah sometimes have to say SAC nerves of some large, but sometimes it is very sensitive.

two men sat silent for a long time, Shen Fei some sit still, after all, everyone is a little depressing, rushed into the toilet SAC want to make yourself a cool calm down, the result is the effect is good, SAC mental calm a lot, at least not as just so anxious it.

one hundred and eighteenth chapter calm

month later, H1 virus could say was brought under control,cheap jordans shoes, although they are still not found an effective method of treatment, but no one has died from it, and let the fly sink are pleased that Korea Sophie finally insisted over and there is no problem Shen Fei,jordans for sale, when two people in the video is a big spit sweet, soft and Korea’s Oh just laughing but not how to speak.

Even so SAC can look out of the Korean soft very happy, of course, this is enough, as long as there is nothing to be happy regardless of it.

But when Ouyang Fei Shen Zhuo and call when they heard the complaints Ouyang Zhuo, “Shen Fei You know, what to take care of your home Korean soft, but I stayed in the hospital for three days, did not go home, who are flavored, you say how you want to compensate me. “

Ouyang Zhuo like this extortion is always disdain for SAC, but this time Jiabu Zhu Shen Fei in a good mood, thought Shen Fei said: “! big deal to go back and play live when you get back to let a good point of dignity.”

ah, have to say live Ouyang Zhuo most reluctant to bring something, because he has never won SAC, and SAC win his way only one method, high-altitude bombing, long-ball unbeaten.
Ouyang Zhuo appears
a black line on the forehead, ah, of course, the video can not be found by Shen Fei, and Ouyang Cho growled:. “Shen Fei, you Ah ah is not intentional, knowing that I would not do this * **** “

Shen Fei sighed, thinking I have not found other ways you walk through, are also so-so, of course, such a stimulus, then do not say it is the SAC, and finally after some haggling to announce the deal pot meal fulfilled.

and let the fly sink unexpectedly when flying home neighborhood Chung Ling Shen and suspected pot meal meal Houfoerman has liked this way of eating, and say it much better than the American way of eating, ah. It seems that big really is quite a lot of Chinese food, hot pot meal is not authentic to buy even on an American.

SAC good spirits these days, things are tough now passed, and all will be calm it. And this time, Smith also returned the old man, is the need for the old Smith had disappeared but now hated, but there is no relationship, when the fly sink from Professor Smith’s office when they are out of the look of a smile.

because Smith for SAC was very satisfied with the performance, of course, this is indeed a fact, so Shen Fei won seven world holidays, this holiday is very satisfied with the SAC, but Foreman was shouting unfair. SAC course since the beginning of the class together and Foreman, Foreman would not feel fair too, and this is understandable.
rushed home very pleasant cup of coffee sitting on the sofa began to think it should go somewhere for seven days, of course, is the first choice SAC home, but after Shen Fei Fei and Han Shen gave up soft talk this idea, because this time even returning to Korea SAC SAC Sophie did not have time to accompany. Hospital system evil. SAC is quite dissatisfied with this, because it is not what SAC will have the opportunity this way, it is also will be some surprises, but this time the fly sink forgot they had once worked there.
Finally decided
SAC Since I can not do that when it had to return home for seven days otaku, and ah, it really can be adjusted at these world tension.

Zhong Ling Shen Fei heard to rest also furious. Ah, Dajiadoumang death when suddenly one of them said to rest for some time who are not annoyed yet.

then SAC phone rang, SAC mood to answer the phone, “Hello Which?”

“You bastard, you are not intentional, do not pretend not to know me, do you think things would not break it, you give me understand you.”

was roaring across the telephone meal SAC really do not know how the language of the organization, “Miss You is not got the wrong guy, in the end you have to turn to?”

“Do not wait till yesterday, today you say you’re not fooling me.”
Since the phone’s voice
relatively large, Zhong Ling also heard next, two people looked at each other all feel the other is a mental illness, while the SAC had good and bad mood this time up.

“Miss, you are really wrong, please look after you dial.”

SAC direct hangs up the phone, “Ah original United States also has the wrong number, even still the crazy!”

Zhong Ling was laughing. And it is the kind of laughter. “You’re a woman SAC edge, I’m not against you. Really, even the crazy American can find your body, you can really unusual.”

Shen Fei smiled did not speak, how do you say this can only say that their bad luck, Shen Fei returned to the bedroom looked out notebook coastal city website, there are a lot of information about the Marina Hospital, Browse to the time when flying Shen Zhong Ling is also getting in the way, differently Zhong Ling’s mouth is still eating potato chips.

SAC rolled indeed nothing Notably news, just fly sink to turn off the page when they Chung Ling shouted: “Wait, how well a television interview it?”

reminder Shen Fei Zhong Ling also found after this news, interviews Marina Hospital is currently the president of Wang XR, in fact, the interview itself is not the problem, in order to expand the influence of the hospital, made a successful surgery a few cases, or some publicity It is necessary, after all, is the modern society, is not the kind of sell themselves before the time.

but when SAC to see inside the interview when the fly sink some sit still, Wang XR completely obscures the Korean soft due to a patient was infected while being isolated thing, although this is nothing, but the words fly Shen from Wang XR li see, there does not seem to matter little Korean soft, which is simply a cover up something.

and Shen Fei found essentially all active people are Wang XR sent to the United States to learn these people, but simply that SAC did not play the role it has learned from Ouyang Zhuo these people, or the elderly to conquer the world, the point of these ugly A few days later the American people to back Chinese words are not willing to say, mouth to English, out of the way of the good.

This news also let the fly sink thoroughly disappointed on coastal hospital, although Shen Fei Wang XR do not know why you want to do, but it should at least give them a meritorious claim it, so cover up is simply stifle these young doctors you, sitting there SAC did not speak.

After reading the news and Zhong Ling Shen Fei know why the angry, Zhong Ling Shen Fei patted on the shoulder, “Do not think too much, it seems when I leave on the right when you said to me, you did not see mistake about it, if you do not leave there is no good end, Ouyang Zhuo then busted their ass to now even names are not mentioned. “

Shen Fei sighed, “I used to think the hospital in the coastal dry pretty good, do not think too much, but Wang XR is not too much, but now look, and so go to Cho Han Ouyang little soft there is no future because Wang XR simply do not give the opportunity to ah. “

“Fortunately, you come out of the first, or else I think the most unfortunate and certainly you, if you do not come out you think you’ll have a chance to go abroad yet? impossible, having said that, if such a calculation, then if you should thank him yet If you do not have today without him. “

SAC moment, thought, then nodded his head, “you say ah right, but can not be so considered, after all, when I was in graduate school without him and I can not come, but also changes in people Really can not say, probably a few days before you think he is a good man, but after a few days it becomes a bad man. “

then two people are silent, SAC did not because this thing to Korean soft phone, because that Han Fei Shen Sophie did not tell he was definitely afraid of their own to worry about, since so why say it, they know it can be Some say it is not necessarily out.

Just then SAC phone voice broke the silence, Shen Fei see the phone number, or just that the crazy, SAC walk away and threw the phone Zhong Ling and earnestness, said: “This arduous task post to you, do not let me down, the party waiting for your good news. “

ah, Shen fly this excuse can be said for Chung Ling nothing to say, because of Chung Ling also really a party, but did not give 钟玲思 SAC test of time.

and Zhong Ling adjust the mood, ready to unload just press the answer key voice on the phone side blocked Zhong Ling’s mouth, “I’m sorry, just to bother my sister drank too much, so please do not mind.”

this clock and threw the phone Ling Shen Fei, “who is not a curse.” Chung Ling finished it went back to the bedroom.

SAC pick up the phone, “Hello!”

turn the phone over there just to say Chung Ling repeated again, Shen Fei smiled, “Nothing, please take good care of your sister next stop dialed the wrong number.”

“Certainly, this is really sorry to trouble you.”

Shen Fei thought for such a polite people you could say, in the next two people in the dialogue called Shen Fei Lin Shanshan know each other, ah name is good to hear.

leaving Shen Fei Lin Shanshan accident is actually also Princeton medical school, or even alumni, Shen Fei thought the idea of ​​the plot so only drama would have it, it really is a coincidence.

result is supposed to apologize for the phone, but the two chatted for a long time, after hanging up the phone I thought this SAC also some amazing, but Shen Fei forgotten woman at his side appeared more than enough, and relationships already more complex, the addition of a Tim.

This clock-ling from the bedroom and came out with a smile, said:. “I did not see that you are still a peach life ah, but you have to grasp, and if you dare to step on the power lines, not Korean soft sister shot I’ll electrocute you.”
Zhong Ling Fei
watching Shen holding a small fist really speechless.

one hundred and nineteenth chapter dance (a)

be a boring telephone harassment was unexpected because the SAC met a alumni, but although the phone, but it has not and SAC meet each other, because the SAC do not think this is necessary, although alumni, but who says alumni necessarily To meet? Moreover, Chung Ling Fei Shen also afraid to tell deliberate mischief Korean soft.

Although Sophie Han Shen Fei know they do not necessarily understand the Chung Ling seriously, but after all, is a bad influence, but Chung Ling Shen also fly in the face every day, doing all, Shen Fei get hurt.

SAC poked with a fork good egg dish grin on his face looked very helpless Chung Ling said: “I said Zhong Ling which have been a week, how do you do this not that a phone?! “

Chung Ling said: “Words can not say, although the last one week, but can not prevent ah, who knows that Lin Shanshan beautiful not pretty, you know you’re in school can also little known, how should note that says, goes says not afraid of thieves afraid of thieves misses. “

SAC helpless bowed his head, thinking it was less talk and more work, SAC head down a mouthful of eating a plate of eggs, and now wanted to fly Shen Zhong Ling is this dish of eggs, so

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Seems to have caught a very big conspiracy, the thought that he left there, everything will be free, but now I really feel,jordans for sale, here is the real original bondage and tied sleepy, Who is, Who is manipulating all of this? He wants to do, what intrigue me and Ling were dead people, but Shu Aotian he dead?
how he died? He really is his awareness of it …… a little bit slack,cheap jordsns Jerseys, I was tired, I almost forgot, know also how I was going to die for the people, no matter what the purpose of that person, I die , and there will not be anyone hurt ……
Chapter 64 returning to their roots
burst messy brawl would wake me, still could not open my eyes, the body can not move, who quickly put me off well, so alive is really suffering.
“Yan Ling Yu, you can not put her away!” has just awake to hear a fox master befitting rejected, Yan Ling Yu Where should I take? Certainly can not go with him, whether he is not that person, I’m not sure at first ruled out before, but yesterday he remarks True Confessions Intuit terror, which led to more than I touched the goose bumps off the floor, for Love? But he is comfortable Aotian right, then, how smart people do stupid things like that, certainly will not.
“have the best imperial palace and drugs, where the environment is good for more than I have to take her away, she is the princess towards the country.” kind of imperial majesty in addition to head at the moment and play the role of this trick fox teacher definitely useless.
“Yan Ling Yu, a few of us down if you can, then you can leave with a tidal masters.” This is what I heard recently Pei Xiao said the longest sentence.
long time no speak, is estimated to be awed Xiao Pei Pei Xiao martial arts should not be underestimated ah, it seems that I can leave.
“Are you serious!” Ah Yan Ling Yu really keep their hands do?
Xiao Pei seems snorts, “remember our promise it?”
convention? I know the last Pei Xiao Rui children know from where I was hit, and Yan Ling Yu sneaky, they agreed on what? I quickly erect ears.
“But now she has been in a coma, how do you know she does not want me to go?” Yan Ling Yu sentence obvious lack of confidence.
I do not want him to go, you have to hold on Xiao Pei, the revolution will be steadfast, ah, your boss may rest your hands by the day.
“So it turns out she was willing to work with you you go, if willing, Hui Gong told you the last time.” remark extremely lazy, unhurried, and not be slow.
fox, good job! I thank you in my heart.
“Today I must take her away, she is the princess towards the country you are looking at her friend with you just say hello ……” obviously rogue, shame!
feel near to breathe a tight body seemed to cast a shadow down a few, “that our bodies emperor marching past it!” in the end a few people blocking the ah? My air, I do not know the patient to maintain smooth breathing it? But that does not want to really make it work, Yan Ling Yu may have hundreds of thousands of troops it, even if you martial arts and then high-strength, will be dead, do not joke, everybody chipping away on it.
“Qibing emperor, there are victories!” Do not break into celebrities, and is estimated to be a eunuch, but I thank you, ah, to be really timely.
“says!” Yan Ling Yu impatient hum of a word.
Xixisuosuo voice, “save the Queen St. Mary, all the way to the army advancing from June 20, the eve of national army and national army straight from morning twilight twilight Lan capital city of the country, on July 20 the country has won twilight Palace, captured the night Mu wind …… “
“line, and the military advisor night cliffs Prince caught it?” Yan Ling Yu listened for a while, immediately interrupted him,cheap jordans shoes, and asked directly focused at the moment happens to be my concern.
“back to the words of the emperor, the night when Cliff Prince Bingluan opportunity to escape ……”
“big eater, you can not catch individuals caught!” I heard the sound of porcelain floor.
eunuch knelt down and scared, “the emperor pacified, but that does martial arts War military adviser, has been captured, Yan Shuai would escort him back to Beijing tomorrow ……”
“is not it!” I seem to be seeing Yan Ling Yuk those dark side of the heart at the moment, he has to deal with how to Ling, “the military adviser and now what?”
eunuch’s voice seemed excited, “back to the emperor, after the military advisor captured, the soldiers are very excited …… but for the coach in time to stop …… I’m afraid that consigliere even life gone …… but …… now …… “The eunuch’s voice getting lower and lower, until finally I did not hear.
They Ling how, since we escorted back to Beijing, he was still alive, but they put him how, do not have something, chest and blood began to crest, I was torn sleeping for a month, to wait I, Ling, you must wait for me!
mouth and stop the overflow of blood, but it seems no one noticed, I try to open my eyes, bedside stand with four straight figure, Pei Xiao Wen Jie, Zhang Yun, and the white maple, foxes by master On the edge of the bed watching idly Yan Ling Yu, and Yan Ling Yu is watching kneeling eunuch, eunuchs at this time that little quivering huddle, are subject to what appears to be Lingken certainly hurt is ……
“Cher!” fox master lazy eyes swept the earth, eyes across a trace deplore the way to my face, revealing a huge surprise and incredible, and my eyes crossed a few of them are gaps keeping a close eye on the ground kneeling man.
his screaming summoned everyone’s attention, “Xi masters!” They took the lead back to Xiao Pei, the next second, Yan Ling Yu poke crowd also pushed the bed, my eyes back, across a picture of their haggard face, my heart filled with bursts of sour stuck in the nose, choking uncomfortable, I try to Zhang mouth, but still unable to pronounce any sound, issuing only a few broken notes, “Ling …… how What kind of …… …… …… “
everyone’s eyes will be looking at me, they do not know what I’m saying right?
a little carried away not to look at their eyes and ask you to forgive me, I now have more to worry about, I want to know if he is good, at least you can be very healthy standing in front of me, but how is he in the end?
fox master complex eyes looked at me, and some others confused, some disappointed and sad, they do not know is that Ling Shame it, fox teacher should not tell them, so only he understands what I’m talking about at the moment, although that vague phrase, but I believe he will understand me. But Fox, you are the best person to know my past, so now you are staring at me, but also hurt? Then you do not forgive me.
“Xi, you do not speak, the imperial doctor said you have to keep a month to speak!” Yan Ling Yu promptly interrupted me, even you also run?
fox master through the crowd, sitting on the bed, help me gently wipe the mouth of blood, mixed with the sound of dough heartache and frustration, “to see him, get well soon ……” Sounds like a light sigh general, instantly dissipate in my ear.
I can see him, no matter how kind he was to me, he was my Ling, I want good he can be, as long as good as you can.
I smiled, his eyes turn on Yan Ling Yu handsome face, “I told you …… go back …… please …… you …… take me back to the palace …… ……” This sentence is almost drained all my strength, Pei Xiao uncertain eyes to me, but I was unable to look back at him, because I can not. Just heard it right then, Ling is to be escorted back to Beijing, then I’ll be there waiting for him, will be able to get it.
Yan Ling Yuk face was a look of joy, like a blooming iris, face, iris is so faint a brilliant, almost shaking spend my eyes, but if he knew who I was worried about my heart at the moment, then he Fenghua Marie’s face on the show what kind of sad and tragically, that I could not face.
everyone did not speak, I know that at the moment they have acquiesced in my words, in my few days, the only thing they could do is try Chongni me and accompany me, but I can not do it for them something ……
day later to pack everything properly, Yan Ling Yu is also the default for all to follow, and perhaps even he, too, could not bear to let me sad.
moment nobody looked at me, I slowly got up, stood in front of the window, hand push open the window, a chill hit into the house, outside a lush, tall trees cast down Phoenix Shadow whirling light dance in the wind, the sun efforts to penetrate the thick foliage, scattered on the ground shed light spot, it’s beautiful scenery.
two shadows appear in the window fast, his face Yancangbuzhu grief and weathered, knee point, the head did not dare lift, kneeling in front of two young men looked at my hand firmly grasping live window edges, nails deeply embedded in, a terrible pain, but I’m afraid the next moment, there will be more Henli pain hit, I try not to look at them, his head raised high, the sky seemed so far-reaching , blue sky, no trace of clouds.
“How …… what …… like ……” My lips issued in fragmented notes, do not know because injuries have not completely healed, or because at the moment the heart flowing emotions.
Song Zheng raised his head and looked at me, eyes full of fear and sadness ……
“says ……” I teeth, I just want a result of it, this is not right?
“Xi masters, Tang Yi, he …… we found his body in a hole in the clouds …… ……” man’s voice mixed with a hint of choking, cave clouds, clouds Mountain ancient cave, where I had spent ten days, but Tang Yi you want to stay there long ah?
“bang!” the door was pushed open, “Xi masters ……” Xiao Pei panic voice, messy footsteps behind him came the moment everyone held their breath, we know it, Tang Yi of corpse should be brought back, and if I did not add one to get them back immediately to see me, I’m afraid this thing to death I know you will not let me, right? Unfortunately, I know, that’s intact, exactly right.
“Song Song Zheng Feng, why do not you come back to see me first, I do not know Xi masters hurt?” Pei Xiao’s eyes turned murderous, sharply questioned the man kneeling in the window.
I waved to stop him, he looked me in the eyes of the murderous light a lot, “Let’s go …… …… …… they rest ……” They left almost a month, must be very hard, Tang Yi is their brothers, they can not hurt you?
step by step I moved back to the bed, watching Pei Xiao, difficult to conceal his face with compassion, “What …… people …… dry ……” kill Tang Yi will not be a simple man .
Pei Xiao shocked, the next moment it open, “Lancet Lesch, the main hall is dark night blue gem teach nirvana, but Tang Yi wounds, knife choking silver, it seems that people are not night Green, the legendary YNDs Lancet always kill all not into the throat, and the wound but did not see, with no scars as well. “
I listened quietly, eh? Now, even murderers do not know, but also how it revenge, the night teach, but also a night to teach, and why I have to come to the trouble?
“I …… to …… see …… he ……” I can not bear to let her sister see Tang Yi Yun last time, let me see it for her, but for me, how will the moment Tianrenyongge, they married only three months, but the day together only two days, so never see it?
“Xi masters ……” Xiao Pei’s face sank slightly, full of worry.
“thing …… I …… do not ……” I want to make him pulled a reassuring smile, but I can not, it seems already face stiff skin.
he did not re-open, stepped forward to pick up my cross, out of the room, my head buried deep in his arms, do not let me see the sun, too burning eyes, the wind rustling the leaves in the I listen to it really the world’s most elegiac sorrow.
finally arrived, I was standing on the ground, the house seems a little dim light, the sun coming through the slightest great, full of light in the dust in front of a plate, covered with a white cloth, I could faintly see the Di Xiaren outline, I trembling hand, at the moment is about to touch the white wrist is life and life is caught, Pei Xiao’s eyes are ‘not’, I shook my head, poke his hand, slowly opened white, just look at my eyes immediately closed up reflex, the body has been broken ……
my hands gripping a white cloth, tightly fastened, could not stop shivering, body trembling, was crowded into a warm embrace, Pei Xiao confuse the sound into the ear, “Do not look, do not look …… “My tears immediately catharsis, why this is so, how do I explain to Yun sister, how to do?
silent for a long time, I left the embrace of Pei Xiao, Tang Yi white cloth on the body had been covered, I saw several dark side guard eyes are red, I’m sorry, all my fault! I bypass the mattress, to the other side, gently lift the cloth of his left hand, he has to step down from the ring stiffness and even some rot on the collapse of the ring finger, which is waiting for something Yun sister, would like to see the rings, she can not be so sad.
I put white cloth, walked in front of Wen Jie, he looked at me quietly, I silently watched him for a long time after, I took his hand, will the ring on his palm, step back, bowed deeply, “worship …… care …… the ……”
“Xi master!” He propped surprised me.
I looked up again, looked into his eyes, “Yun asked a sister …… thanks …… ……”
He looked at me in silence for a while, put the ring in her hand tightly grasping, nodded.
“must …… to …… let her …… happy ……” After laborious charged word, I turned our backs could not bear to look at a child that has riddled corpse, “the Tang Yi Pei Xiao …… …… cremation ashes …… …… …… bring Yun sister …… “and then fainted neat, vaguely saw her sister Yun orange eyes, she looked at me and did not speak, but his face has a deep sadness as the mist ……
woke up again, I had been lying on the soft carriage, but the front of the car or let me breath, Lincoln sedan with a spell, could also put tables and stools, made with a small room, like my body cushioned soft fur coat and feather cushions, fox sitting Tabian gentle teacher looked at me, a faint smile has explained everything.
let us know how weak cruel, harsh face of life every cold, loved reluctant, often destined no copies, Who Who really seriously, who for whom distressed, who is the only person who; scarred innocent soul, does not recognize what has long, beautiful life, good people, too little sad sad thoughts, you and I come and go with him, not as strangers across a faint smile, Nepenthe forget it Well, dream Know, certain corners of the earth, a small island, a certain date in a hug once a month, and so quietly green grass riverside forever.
hope Yun sister can understand, but I hope you can understand my sister Yun, Wen Jie as much love for her and Tang Yi, but her eyes went a person, we will ignore the presence of other people’s pay and perhaps temperature Jay really can unlock this knot for her and let her out of the patch of haze in the sky as soon as possible, after the road, a person walking, maybe it really will be very sad to go, but there is a

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“??! Oh,” Han-day trip seemed curious to him the next words: “just ordinary intercourse, or ……”

“. adults only help us to do this on, as after development, it depends on your own” Han Sky smiled: “I want to you the means to rein in the Soviet Union late autumn should not be a problem, right?” He continued with a wry smile:. “Your uncle there has been invited to come and help her family, has recently made a few pieces of Han Fei pretty big business, group up and down on his side can not be satisfied with our first behind the house with the Soviet Union marriage set,cheap jordans shoes, I arrange for you to come back to back. “

waiting for him to continue down that Han Jie understand what he meant, waving apathy and asked:. “it is impossible to go back, I will not serve in the Han medical cause I love ……”

day trip Han Han Jie keen to know medicine, but also Han inheritance rights can not give up. For Han Jie’s attitude, his mind a little disgusted face without the slightest movement, but hey smiled and said:. “You really willing to just give you more than 韩飞强 no reason to give up.”

Han Jie smiling father looked at, said:. “I said, attempting to rally useless to me and I reiterate that belongs to me, I will take away sooner or later.”

Korea Sky erect surprised, his son’s self-confidence good. But he is really good control. His mind some really unwilling. Was going to add some eye drops to give his son, suddenly looked at his son rubbed his eyebrows, sadly and said:. “I want to see the mother’s portrait,jordans for sale, or a photograph.”

Korea heart filled with countless day trip idea, thought of his collection in a bank safe askew unique photos.

Han-day trip is becoming gloomy face, Han Jie looked at, waved his hand and said:. “Your mother’s picture I do have, but now you can not see.”

“Why?” Han Jie puzzled,cheap jordsns Jerseys.

“I would not say no.” Korea-day trip seemed angry.

first saw Han Jie Han-day operations of anger, tempting to feel a hint of chill. His eyes swept down, he saw his father’s legs seemed to tremble.

“That is my most precious things in life!” Han Sky slowly said:. “You can, but you have to want to be the main job after Korea every family.”

He continued: “Only you and everyone became a Korean master, you are eligible to take out your mother’s portrait, fair and square back to Korea home for them.”

listen Sky say Han, Han Jie suddenly relieved. Suddenly, he had a trace Interested in this so-called father. He smiled and said:. “I understand, I know how to do.”
“??! Jill”
Korea Sky sighed sadly and said: “Dad useless …… I can not do the things that you can do it ……”

Han Jie did not speak again, just gave a confident father’s eyes, and then he got up and left.

Han Sky watching her back, suddenly asked: “? can call me daddy do.”

Han Jie stopped, and did not turn around, just shook his head.
“! etc.”
Korea seems very painful day trip, he again stopped Han Jie: “I almost forgot, this piece of jade is a well-known male Han thing, before I never had the chance to you, now you take it! “

“I do not need!” Han Jie still did not look back, the tone is very cool.

“read to leave??!” Han day trip stretch his arm, hand and my heart stood piece of emerald green jade. But Han Jie has not looked back, pause a few seconds later, he resolutely strode off.

“read to leave ah ……” Han Sky faint sigh, eyes suddenly become somewhat moist. Han Jie just did not see his true feelings.

world what is most precious?

Blind said: Bright most precious. Deaf said: sounds most precious. Struck people say: the most precious health. Dying people say: life’s most precious, no life, no everything. Men and women love to say: love the most precious. Being separated people say: the most precious family.

In fact, the above answers are right. Just different people, different environments, so has a different point of view.

in Korea day trip of it, this is the world’s most precious son affection. Unfortunately, he only now realized this. A bit late, so he doubled to compensate.



next few days, Han Jie’s life step by step, then the admissions admissions, the practice will practice. Work practice correct. However, since the treatment of pediatric HIV patients have things his reputation obviously big up, to patients who come to the increasing number. The last resort, but also for his 吕学萍 with a few nurses. And HARRIET hospital personnel have been turned intern, gynecological admissions of patients under the guidance of Han Jie. But this time Han Jie Xia Li is a sacred cow, polite surge. Before actually less share of warmth.

this, Han Jie can perceive. Even a fraction of that reason knows. He deliberately did not go to explain what, in fact, such a relationship is not bad. Xia Li is a good girl, he also did not want to temporarily scourge.

medical training is also an orderly manner, in which several top students have received special attention Han Jie’s. Often special treatment, a lecture does not exist in this era of medical knowledge. Fortunately, a good understanding of those who, born medical student materials, the ability to accept strong. Han Jie’s one finally did not live up expectations.

his biggest surprise was Daisy, just a few days, she had joined the Women’s Hospital in the provincial capital, and became director of gynecology hospital.

course, Han Jie was not surprised she made director. Daisy prestige in the international medical community, as well as the status of medicine, to do that seat is a normal thing. The reason why he was surprised, it is because Daisy signed a two-year contract, look like, there seems Nagai domestic posture. But the good thing is in the entry after Daisy moved out of his apartment, he was admitted to a single apartment opposite the building. This makes him much less trouble.
work, Han Jie straight home respiratory medicines to calm irritable mood. After practice ended, he intends to go around, always stay at home, not a good thing. When out is the lanterns. He did not know where the fun came and sat on a nearby square for a while. Lately the provincial capital of rain, a few days before had been rainy, it did not rain today, a rare night out of the people will be more. However, a person sitting in the square too boring, nothing more personal and more fun to see. Some old lady ballroom dancing in the square, some couples are embracing while sitting, not when some Qinmi action ……

is planning to go back, the phone bell rang, but it is a closer look at the phone started falling.

Chapter II ambiguous contacts

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phone, in drizzling asked Han Jie has no time. If you have time, she hopes to go to Han Jie practice room to talk to her. Han Jie told myself on being in drizzling Women’s Hospital near the square, from the building where her martial arts is also not far. She also said in the drizzling near the square. They hung up the phone, looking around. Really see each other.

started falling in the water today a shiny black hair high beams behind, like newlyweds young woman, applying makeup face appearing thin touch Hongxia, against the background of the dim lights brightened Ye Yan. Black leggings, the perfect curve of her legs is displayed. Wearing black high heels Xianzu slender fitness, exude feminine style.

“Dr. Han, what a coincidence ah??!” leisurely walking in the drizzling, Han Jie played with a smile hello.

“Yes ah, what a coincidence??!” Han Jie also smiled and said:. “in the police, you do not uniformed, charming temperament is the same.”

“Dr. Xie Xiehan compliment??!” was drizzling did not seem interested in talking these women want to hear the original flattery. She took a deep breath, subconsciously look around, then approached some low voice said:. “Dr. Han, reliable sources, has sent blood evil Suzaku immigrants, intended lurking around you, waiting for you to win if carried rope fails, you will have to run for the White Tiger forcibly abducted abroad. “

His words, Han Jie suddenly frowning asked: “how Suzaku has cropped up a woman??”

“! ah” was drizzling nodded, then whispered: “The blood of the four gold medals evil killer, Dragon, White Tiger, Red Phoenix, basalt …… which four different, which combat the strongest Dragon, White Tiger, followed by basaltic good. camouflage, and proficient in computer technology, once internationally famous poet As Suzaku, who is the blood of evil killer of four gold medals in one of the most mysterious. So far, the International Criminal Police Organization and national intelligence agencies have not collected any information about her. Seriously, he is male or female and now have no way sure, but it Suzaku is one of the four images in one of the four sacred animal in ancient Chinese traditional culture, which is similar to a red bird biological, and generally like a golden pheasant Phoenix, multicolored feathers different, its body covered flame, do not put out all day. according to the five elements theory, it is representative of the South of the animal, but also a symbol of women, so our analysis, this should be is a so-called Suzaku Women. “

Han Jie some big head, which is also really interesting blood evil. Really just on its own consumption.

“What specific news?” Han Jie frown asked.

“Will that be??!” was drizzling and said:. “Dr. Han, we walk and talk, to martial arts room bar, where talk convenient.”

“ah!” Han Jie nodded, then two walking side by side. Hanjie Ying Chun chic, charming and beautiful in the drizzling that the two go together, there are some perfect fit feeling. I do not know who thought they were a good fit couple yet. They no longer say the road from the blood of evil, just talked Xingyiquan.

in the practice room, suddenly directed at Han Jie attack started falling over. Han Jie hurried escape. But the recipe, he suddenly stopped stature dodge, wood boxing engaged. Yu Han Jie started falling here just to pick up a punch, he felt his Quanjin hit in the past, as came to nothing. At the same time, she felt his powerful swing Quanjin, piercing his arm.

“the passage of time ah?” was drizzling Yaran soon.

Han Jie suddenly silent, you thought I was Murong Fu ah. He pulled away stature and said:. “This is leveraging the power …… I recently re-cultivation of a boxing, just the soft, and tai chi can be somewhat similar in leveraging the power of police officers, your boxing Kyo … … We continue …… “

“in the end is what you practice boxing?” was drizzling have not seen Han Jie practice is what it is. Seeing Han Jie does not intend to answer. She has a little angry, repeated storm.

Han Jie very clear progress in drizzling indeed not small, but compared with their own, the gap is still large. Many times, he defensive, let her enjoy playing their boxing. Watch carefully so that you can point out in drizzling back boxing shortcomings.

intensified offensives in the drizzling, Han Jie fight to dodge the main tour. Occasional fist, you can be hit too started falling back. At this time, Cagney and Lacey heart secretly wonder, with Han Jie’s own effort really quite different.

some mixed feelings in mind, of course, but it is never hesitant Shoudexia started falling. Repeated attacks, all in one, amazing power and influence.

this time, Han Jie has retreated to nearby walls. He no retreat, in the eyes of a hi started falling, pressed hard. Han Jie glow mouth is smiling together, both feet on the wall, smooth physique, kicking it so straight up.

started falling at the moment hesitated slightly a closed fist style. Then the legs of a bomb, power bursts. Flying up to Gamba side kick Han Jie.

Han Jie chuckle loudly, hand such as electricity, lightning caught her ankle, while gently rotating his wrists, an energetically aroused, Cagney and Lacey was the body with her right leg spin. Han Jie’s hand also took the opportunity to release it. People started falling in the air has lost control with balance.

seeing heavy she would fall from the sky to the ground, Han Jie turn over the whereabouts of the first floor, reached out to catch the upcoming landing of Cagney and Lacey.

all this happened almost instantaneously. Han Jie in the drizzling that is connected to the arms, after a few seconds to react. Felt his ass was a fresh pair of hands holding a big heat in the body subconsciously started falling delicate flutter a bit, got to a Qiaolian flushed red oozing blood, clear bright eyes glanced Han Jie one, but found his face ambiguous.

hands feel amazing stretch, as between the breath smell like musk orchid fragrance at the child, Han Jie also mind swaying.

long time, in the drizzling realized I was holding her heavily biting his lips dripping mouth while gently shouted: “? do not let me go.”

Han Jie heard, chuckle loudly, she was down. But let go of the moment, there is conscious of his gently pinched Bottom in Cagney and Lacey was on.
Anyhow, there are rescue
grace, somehow recover some of the interest on it.

in drizzling ashamed, but do not say anything.

door before she launched the first attack, she is also as good as others. She is also well-intentioned people hold. Although the occupied some cheap, but I thought, by his own cheap occupying less?

Han Jie took a deep breath, his face has returned to normal, he slowly said:. “in the police, your effort is indeed progress is not small, and today I’ll teach you to practice in ten saying practiced hand, the hand has turned his energy, hands Dabian body, which is the offense and defense in boxing in Xingyiquan boxing manager, on the other hand is concerned, there is a single hand, hands, hand, carry hand, hands, hand-cut, hand care, this is the “hand Seven of law. “when the future of boxing, you have to pay attention to exercise the hand of seven law.”

Chapter Daisy’s office

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“Ten trained to practice the fourth step is to practice, that is, on the steps of kung fu legs and sports hub of the foundation of one of the fist saying talk: mind is the commander in chief (ie heart brain), the eye is first legs are horses, Weaponry hand is, whether the offensive and defensive retreat, depends on the power of the legs of the spectrum, saying:. “do not go hand-foot is no Lord, not for the hand to foot rootless” “As a god, and shaped in step.”. . indicates the importance xingyiquan footwork footwork are: half horse, flew step, vertical cross-step, tiny step, skip step, false step, an arrow pierces step, step practice, circuitous step, step and other steps packing Law These footwork have a common requirement that progress must be low to high regress. instability in the fist step chaos, unhappiness and fist step slow, then the fist step substandard scattered …… “Han Jie said quickly, regardless Yu started falling down all ability.

“. twelve fifth practice practice, practice tip” Han Jie Stern said: “?? tip you may know what is.”

in drizzling thought for a moment, then shook his head and said I do not know.

Han Jie explained: “human blood, flesh, tendons, bone ends to tip, referred to as” four-tip “for the blood fat tip, the tip of the tongue for the meat, a tip for the tendons, bone tooth tip four tip force. , its normal human variable. “

“As the saying goes, bristle, tiger whiskers stood on end, is the outward manifestation of people in extreme anger, and in more particular about boxing boxing manager and four heart quiver tip Sarkozy, the interior strength. pores open and close, can stimulate blood circulation and strength enhancement, tongue top of the palate, raw body fluid can make profit without flotation, dry mouth; fingers toes buckle, which allows the gas injection in the muscle strong legs, knocking teeth can penetrate bone spirit, Kennedy of body hair and so when the line power, want to do hair red crown, tongue want reminders teeth, a desire Speranskia, dental Yuduan ribs, there are forces pushing down the mountain the sea, there is a tendency to swallow wolf tiger swallow , four tip homogeneity, gas cohesion real, firm base, brave propaganda, so terrified the enemy …… “Han Jie breath finish.

wildly in protest started falling, said: “Dr. Han, do not you think your speech some fast it?”

“? Yeah,” Han Jie chuckle loudly: “even faster rate of speech, Jia Buzhu you record it?”

His words, but it is in the drizzling slightly red face:? “You know.”
“??! hum”
Han Jie chuckled and said:. “means your record is not wise to steal And I

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Hate myself up. So, keep the concubines of fame with care and respect Fei Long months, waiting for an opportunity for you and not for him to seek a bedroom, to me is the best thing. “Eyebrow Zhuang smile cool thin floating light” in recent years, new faces, the emperor also attend to me, only I replaced ceremony. But good, with your example of bit parts on some things in the end can be more effective. “

eyebrow Zhuang eyes fell on my clothing, suddenly shut up without saying.

since as Xuan Qing re ornaments, Buddhist temple because 凌云峰 between what people did not, so it does not often wear Buddha installed. Recently was wearing a light blue leather homely silk dress, loosely rolled a Luo Ji, just save the one pearl.

eyebrow Zhuang Qi said, “You’re not a monk yet? how has this dress?”

my mind slightly uneasy, but how can rhyme or reason for which export eyebrow village, then smiled and conceal Road “The Emperor asked me to drop ornaments monk, why should I listen to him. snowing clothes changed, however, and only remove the former clothes before wearing. “

happened Huan Bi Zhencha up, hear me speak with eyebrow village “Hui masters do not know, we are also concerned about your lady tight, often aromatic usual if my aunt came to visit, in addition to the first lady greeting Tai Ji, they just ask good masters ? “

mining Month Ma Lei Tao “We miss it not, to issue eviction lady tried the approach to seek the emperor, seeking the queen, in the end also useless, but also angered the emperor. else all these years down early into your example, the . “

my heart faint sour “Before I Qiandingwanzhu Palace, you do need to pay attention to Ling Yung and Queen, the tube’s be careful,cheap jordsns Jerseys, it should be so emotional for me, take care of yourself peace of mind matter, how can you still do not listen, I angered the emperor is it? “

eyebrow Zhuang face slightly blue, “if it is for you told me to restrain temper again, I am afraid to attack early. but I would forbear, and then do not want to seek the emperor, I’m going to ask you on a request. Your house is off-limits Tangli days I can not help you be repealed house on the day I can help you, but I can always find some of the birthright for you, so you do not humiliation in Kanroji after all, no fame and become a monk , is a lot worse. “eyebrow flash luminescence village heads” Unfortunately Jun heart impermanence, he not only refused to look in the face of the Long March to restore your fame, ignoring his former owe my affection, I almost Fan pleading, almost put me off-limits up, I always thought him to be my ‘fickle’, when did you and your pet are always some affection, only to cold-blooded so far! “

my micro Yaoxia Chun, be quiet road, “his fickle You know I know, why mention?”

village eyebrow and smiled, as Chunsheng nectar,cheap jordans shoes, but her eyes a little smile and no more, the kind of cold light, such as gold shell inlaid enamel wears armor on the tip of her little finger, even spangle, just call people feel cold, “” Yes,jordans for sale, indeed do not mention this Ungrateful heartless person. “

eyebrow village so for me, selfless, deeply touched my heart, softly:. “Fang if my aunt can often Laiqiao, but also because you seek the reason you’re so dedicated to the Queen Mother for me ……”

eyebrow Zhuang put a waved, said: “If the change is that I suffer for today, so you certainly for me, I listened to your advice, convergence edge all these years, they do not call attention to the Queen, the Queen Mother only serve as one. with respect Fei care hazy months. only to find a time to wash the snow can be in one fell swoop Chen Yuan, but since they are the true features really easy to find, I look for many years also grip handle. “Zhuang eyebrow eyebrows hop, sometimes shallow smile, “but even so, it does not mean I am nothing.”

her shallow laugh, Rongse exquisite gem under even more elegant, perfectly hide a smile after the machine front living.

my fingers on the table unwittingly painted circle, solid wood 温润平 reassuring touch, I slowly said: “Today harem with the Queen may have a rival party people?”
soft eyebrow village touched on
skirts wind hair, lightly:?. “the world does have a few Murong Hua Fei dare to rival the Queen and Queen helm harem end, Keiji Princess Palaces of the right to associate non-existent, only bringing their peace of mind The Tai Ji, seeking peace to survive. “

I casually said: “So Jin Kang Chang Weng main house your example of it?”

“You mean Huyun Rong? her backing is not small. Weng Jin Kang master’s daughter, Princess Wuyang great granddaughter, distinguished lineage after the queen gave birth to a live Tai Ji, even the emperor she is particularly favoring Although the palace bit parts when low point, and now also your example of. “eyebrow Zhuang slightly pondered,” I looked at the master is also a restless, now Princess of three still missing bit first, she just stared at the Princess wholeheartedly bit. If birth to a son, I’m afraid she is the Queen’s throne salivate. “

I drink a tea, said: “Just at the moment she was born not come?”

Zhuang pick one eyebrow eyebrows, slightly faint tone, “so she only anxious, no nothing, nothing.” eyebrow Zhuang reach Scroll of white porcelain tea cup and slowly sip, and said: “I would hope that she can give birth to a son and a bucket Queen bucket, but unfortunately she could not born out. “

I Yang Yang eyebrows, casually said: “? temperature real early and you say”

“said, but are telling Huyun Rong, I can not warm real early and others say they are afraid Huyun Rong lost his temper trouble up the confusion, but was afraid she lost the fight, even borrow one does not become a force by her.”

eyebrow Zhuang increasingly calm mind, I could not help exclaim:. “Well, you are weak, some caution is good.”

elegant eyebrow Zhuang grabbing a Lianshou, whispered:. “Since Yin Fu, such as the death of the Queen’s peace of mind the day down increasingly”

“Fu as Yin?” My eyes slightly hop, save a little doubt.

“I do not know if Fang did not talk to you, is the last draft, the palace was the best-loved Fujie Yu. scattered and because the issue was five stone Prince in the Queen Mother, a club has been implicated as Yin Fu.” eyebrow Zhuang eye color as dark scattered sparks, “In fact, that day saw the draft, everyone thought Fu Yin as the election is not necessarily.” she faint sigh and said: “Because she looks too much like it is and you , and although not exactly the same, but the face contour saw called people think of you. emperor gas so you all these years, even occasionally asking a King Princess mention it was a rebuke and now comes a likeness of you, Queen moment even face has changed. “

“But she had just been elected, had the best pet.” My mouth fretting, if there seems to be no ray surfaced sneer. Eyebrow Queen Village have not seen pure element, and the palace and the Queen secrecy, she naturally did not know Fu Yin selected not because as long as I have, but like another likeness with my obsession Ling called mysterious woman.

“Yes, when everyone thought the emperor was still angry with you, such as Yin Fu, certainly not elected. Fei said one end only ‘This woman is bound to selected high’.” eyebrow Zhuang eyes a slight turn, shimmering naked, “she said in that session show Girls highest elected position parts of the palace that day called fortunate, though not your house of pepper pet of the year, but the emperor had her since, sooner or companionship, even within a year liters level, but also your example, Jin Feng, almost even the most pampered Huyun Rong Ling Yung and forgotten in the back of the head, if it is strongly advised courtier, I’m afraid even the affairs of state to be neglected. “

“Thus they were five stones scattered things?”

“yes. fact, even without the five stones scattered things, she graces this point, Palaces resentment, I’m afraid also not live long.” eyebrow Zhuang armor across the wooden desktop, intentionally or unintentionally, leaving a few shallow scratch, “Empress mean only one word, dead.”

Dimei grabbing my God, deep breathing, “the queen’s pet may not be the best look.” I shall certainly God, “the emperor genuinely sympathize with her, not the so pet her, not touching the queen of the most touching thing.”

eyebrow Zhuang croon heard, disdain and said: “After the Queen Mother Prince in her, the emperor nor even a sigh, as if this woman has never had a pet.” she stop for a while, deeply puzzled and said: “Actually I do not understand, Why did the emperor would patronize her. obviously the emperor was to blame you, but your pet and the likeness of a woman while after she died and did not pity. “

Xuan Ling how would pity that? Fu Yin as there is only the pure element looks just like the Queen. Even if she has more talent or intelligence, in the mysterious Ling’s eyes, is nothing but a shadow of it.

eyebrow village and said: “If Yin Fu actually had plenty of beauty in addition to what is not, really is a hollow beauty, but the more she died, the Queen will be more unhappy.”

I smiled meaningfully, nails knock the lid on the tea jingle bell Qing Xiang, “you probably are encouraged to go the Fu Yin as a rivalry.”

eyebrow Zhuang Miao Wei Zheng head, the ray of the same Yun meaningful smile, “Yes I am, but cleverly decided it, she is more pampered it. Ling pipe’s capacity and scenery for a long time, so that they can finally have a taste the taste is often neglected. “

me shallow laugh, grab over a light green plum Oh, “I thought she looked a bit like me, you would pity her particularly.”

eyebrow Zhuang startle laugh, “At first it was. just how she can be compared with you, you are in ectopic little help with some thoughts are hazy solid month grace, but she had plenty of good looks and ambition of the heart only. “eyebrow Zhuang suddenly ended a smile, a sense of loss and said:” Just after the hollow beauty was Prince, the palace and then no one can easily shaken the status of the Queen a pity party. “.

I cherish ask her to ask one hand, “In fact, you do not have to bother me so much, you are still a long day, bear care of yourself.”

69 pull off Troy unable to retain (in)

eyebrow village today to re-see, can not think of a thing, almost joy great. However, there is joy among the more unspeakable sorrow and grief. One another for four years, was finally able to meet with each other, however Xuan Qing back, waiting for him to come back to my dose of “Lost Souls scattered seven days”, they have to leave Kanroji, leaving Ling Yunfeng, from incognito life, never see eyebrow Zhuang it. Thought here, in the heart of one of sadness shed long as it’s cold outside in general, gradually forced to face, forcing the two rows of Tears come.

eyebrow Zhuang distressed and said: “This is how a good cried up?.”

my tears and said: “You always do for me ……”

eyebrow village hurriedly wiped away my tears, put soft AMSTERDAM said: “This is what you and I would have is the same as your sister hazy months, I would have as their daughter in general …” Her smile flourished “You have not seen the hazy months, I do not know how cute she was and if she did not, I was in the palace of the day really struggled to live.”

I have not seen how hazy months? Every two months, Xuan Qing hazy moon will be sent for my portrait, her much taller, fat or thin, I have a clear picture. But words can not say in front of eyebrow village, so just laugh, “There Jing Fei take good care of you and I always assured.” Slow down my mind, just think of the issue, he asked: “eviction is not easy, you how can today out?, and is still the first month. “

eyebrow village complex and distinct look of a sudden, we have the following before the shadow of snow fell want to fall in the sky, she gently sighed, and said:? “Do you remember what Rui Bin”

I hesitated across distinct memories of the past in my mind. Rui Bin Rockwell, that as meteor-like brilliant and staunch woman, that would say, “If falling dust, would rather hold residual branches die,” Cheng Jing look no waves woman. After all, a prophecy, a cable showed himself innocent.

eyebrow Zhuang said: “Rui Bin Bin is himself died of suicide in this house on guilt, coupled with Ling Yung intended to provoke a sitting monarch embrace her real charges, so her death had been parked in Zigong sickness temple. eligibility even into Princess burial tomb no. so many years, because the emperor empress did not open, so who do not care, sickness has been stopped at the temple to the first month of your example of harmony when Emperor Chang Ji sudden high fever forever, though looked imperial, brightly lit temple priests can be said to have caused concubines souls without salvation, Rui Bin Suanlaisuanqu only one, because it is a felon’s death, it is not salvation in the brightly lit hall, The coffin had sent Kanroji. “

I said: “This is something to do in the first month after all unlucky, how to you?”

“brightly lit house of Master said to the emperor summoned a long time not been fortunate woman to do such a quiet mind errands – of course more than me, but others refused concubines too unlucky, it’s my turn to be a poor example, Swiss people, but also to see if you can think of. “

I faint “Oh,” a cry, suddenly feeling that wrong, but where is wrong, but it is not know. I stared branch Yi thought, suddenly glimpsed eyebrow Zhuang reddish eyes, as if hesitantly.

eyebrow Zhuang Mind now see the cold, temper and always stiff, not people who would cry easily. Moreover …… she always behave in the matter of life and death, weekdays never tainted souls salvation promotions such a thing.

my heart suddenly under suspicious, “eyebrow village, you really are just to send Rui Bin’s coffin to Kanroji salvation take the opportunity to look at me?”

eyebrow Zhuang smile slowly quiet down, facing the window faint sigh. That time the snow melting in the mountains the profile, not worse than piecemeal of snow scattered on the roadside stone, plot a long time, it is also a slight snow-colored black hair, dust contaminated with numerous, unsightly still feel clean when early nor in the white half points.

her eyes quiet in the end, reminding us of scenes deep old well. She firmly staring at me, Yiziyizi said:. “Since you noticed, I can no longer deceive you, this time it pains me to see you and I are to live under the point of Tai Ji fever medicine, and bribed transparency Master of the house of the Swiss example, Zigong want to talk about the issue but also long-term salvation may not favoritism concubines escorted to Kanroji to find ways to see your face. “

my chest and fell hot, slightly sore throat, feel increasingly uneasy, staring at her and said:? “You scheming, it must be what’s important thing – is not sick or hazy moon, Queen She is not the start of the “I can not think further down, hazy months, my hazy moon -?! not!

my body tremble slightly, hold down my brow a village, forcing depending on my eyes, “is not hazy months, she’s fine, nothing happened.” I suddenly Panasonic breath, but fortunately not the hazy moon. Zhuang eyebrow look worried and anxious, her Yinya micro-biting, eyes closed and said:. “Is your brother, Chen Yan – he’s crazy.”

I stared dumbfounded, almost could not believe it. My brother, my brother, British Gas is compelling, how could he crazy? How will? ! He just exile Lingnan only, Xuan Qing has been sent to look after him, how could it? !

my heart pounding, biting his lips subconsciously, Shengtengshengteng ground. So painful, not dreaming, and my eyebrow village would not open such a joke. Tears streaming down hot, the temperature is almost that burns me.

I stared whisper, “will not – will not – my brother how good it would be crazy!”

eyebrow Zhuang Road:. “does not your brother though exiled, but the body has been good Qinghe Wang sympathize with your brother, secretly sent to look after them, which is something I know, but also with respect princess throne to go in Qinghe Wang Ten Rui true south to Japan after the palace security at Lingnan Qinghe look after your brother who came the news – you know your brother and your sister Hsueh nephew’s death, sometimes to withstand the blow figure with blood, wake up theosophy disorders of which the palace which is to report the news Qinghe, Qinghe Wang is not, they could get uncertain note, had to report it Jing Fei Fei Jing quickly told me. “

I listened quietly, one could not move the body, the itch to climb tears exciting moment on the cheek, just like there are countless sharp claws across the centipede.

eyebrow Zhuang said: “I myself hesitated for a couple of days this should not tell you that you Kiyonaga in Kanroji, these things you know only

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“Honey, why do not the headset it? Let not have?”

spread Korean soft hand and said:. “broken, wipe the table in the morning when accidentally hit the ground broke.”

SAC although on the surface very complacent. But his heart was loudly lament. This is not the first time broke the Korean soft things, Han Fei Shen found soft ground really high IQ. But clean up the house is simply appalling, arguably more mess to clean up, fly to sink even suspect that if one day Han Han Sophie Sophie is not able to house torn down, it seems there are some so-called flawed genius, but he is also genius why so perfect? SAC at this time they have completely ignored the fact that misfortune struck by lightning.

SAC put his hands to indicate Han Sophie Wait a minute, went to her bedroom and come up with a headset came out and handed Han Sophie, Sophie Han Shen Fei looked very puzzled, “When did you buy? remember me Last time you buy a put, I do not there yet? “

SAC just smiled and did not say anything, but my mind was thinking thanks to the Korean soft buy things that are prepared in duplicate, the Han is the fear of being so soft hand, and now finally come in handy.
can also plug in a headset and Han Xue Han Sophie chat instead of typing so hard, Shen Fei Han took two glasses of juice and gave it to Sophie, two people sitting on the sofa and Han Xue talking.

chatted for a topic they entered the woman’s domain, the SAC fads, ah, ah fashion, perfume, ah, SAC is completely not get it, but the SAC also got the message, so it himself since leaving chant anyway, there is a computer study, look at the data, it is also possible to see the news.

While SAC ready to leave, Han Xue Shen word let fly and Han Sophie are shocked, “Sister, I’m going back home next week,cheap jordans shoes, and the time you have to pick up my brother ah.”

Han Xue Shen Fei did not understand how it is now such an important thing to say, Han did not react a bit soft, ready to react when asked Sophie Han Han Xue Han Xue how it has been turned off when the video offline.

Fei Shen Han Sophie looked at each other and feel very strange,cheap jordsns Jerseys, but strange strange return, Han Xue now can only wait to come back in order to know how it happens.

Shen Han Fei Fei and Shen Sophie After dinner we sat on the couch watching medical books about the brain, Han Sophie is somewhat restless, Sophie patted Han Shen Fei, “said Han Xue you do not mess with in the UK What a curse, right? “

SAC feel a little funny,jordans for sale, very independent Leaving aside Han Xue Han soft start so concerned when Han Xue, and had previously been turning a blind eye, but did not crash.

SAC Korean Sophie in his arms and whispered: “Do not worry, nothing too good not to Han Xue back to you, have not seen for so long, Han Xue want to say they should not be so dishonest. I think she came back good. Additionally you can sleep it. “

Korean soft just nodded, but did not go to the bedroom to rest. Instead of lying on the sofa, his head resting on the thigh SAC will sleep in the past, Shen Fei Han Sophie watched the sleeping earth, then find some new Korean soft otherwise gravity, that beautiful land face. Perfect body curves, Shen Fei suddenly felt somewhat accelerated heart rate, lower body and some abnormal.

SAC Anjiao bad, quickly put his hand up and read the book to get up, take distract yourself, then the body slowly returned to normal. Men have a normal reaction, but this time from the Korean soft reaction outside a Korean soft perceived to fly Shen felt a bit awkward.

SAC Fortunately, I thought to self-control is still relatively strong, such as the Korean soft wake up already evening, Han Fei Shen found Sophie fell asleep on the sofa, but his body still covered SAC jacket Han shallow Sophie smiled, then let the action Han Sophie Shen Fei woke up. SAC rubbed his eyes already awake Korean soft smile.

But Korean soft volunteered to make dinner or let fly sink tense up, Han soft ground craft SAC is that experience before, and it really was not an ordinary person can try, fortunately Korea Sophie said just cook the noodles, cut points ham, which SAC was calm down, but Fei Shen activities only to find his left leg numb already, now is the sour hemp, because Korea has looked on his left leg soft SAC has been so untouched.

SAC rubbing his left leg tingling in the kitchen busy watching Han Han Sophie Sophie thought seems doomed woman ah not a home, she would not have the talent. All with her talent at work it. It seems that God really is quite fair, everyone is not perfect ha.

but have to admit that today Han Fei Shen Sophie seems to be long to play. Noodles to get really good, after dinner and Han Fei Shen Sophie sitting together on the couch watching TV, let this feeling SAC has an illusion, as if he has been married for a long time and Korean soft, it does not count regarded as a good omen it?

SAC looked positive eating potato chips watching Korean Korean Sophie said: “? Let ‘s watch American TV drama line does not cry at every turn, then that is ninety eight sets, What do you mean ah, the U.S. drama more exciting.”

Korean soft yet remote control pressure in the body, said: “? Come watch American TV, American TV is also quick to play it quarterly, watching is not fun, and you can move on to see” 24 “, which is so Multi-terrorists, the terrorists want you to play a good soldier, doing when the doctor. “

uh. . .

SAC thought men do not like to see this kind of drama you, normal for you, but why a woman would always like to watch Korean dramas do, SAC immediately changed the subject, “Honey, Han Xue is coming back, if she came back I where to live ah? “

SAC full of expectation and hope Han Sophie could say, “Well, where I would live,” ah, in that case would be perfect, but things did not go according to Shen Fei ideas to develop.

Korean soft very simply said: “Well, do you sleep sofa, Ouyang Zhuo where you still do not go, afraid that he gave you a bad example, and recently he was always in the hospital Chung Ling gallant, look no ill-wishers . “

Ouyang Fei Shen Zhuo thought this dude’s reputation be sitting real, but they can not go to SAC justify anything, if Ouyang Zhuo excuse for Korean soft and not think they are going in the same Ouyang Zhuo? Ah, this time about the brothers, or sell it.

but then SAC also to the interest, not in the hospital himself Ouyang Zhuo what this guy and dry flower thing out? SAC Xiaohe asked: “You said Ouyang Zhuo no ill-wishers, he is doing it?”

Han Sophie sighed and handed the hands of the chips fly Shen, Shen Fei took to eat up, waiting to hear the same storytelling Korean soft lecturing.

Korea Sophie said: “give you a fun way to say it, but also told me to Zhong Ling, a former world a large rain, the streets full of water, Zhong Ling rushed home from work due to the rains got into a taxi, just in the car to be launched in time, Ouyang Zhong Ling Zhuo found in addition to riding a bicycle bell does not ring which wants twenty-eight bike ride from the hospital out of the door, and then also on the taxi within Ouyang Zhuo Zhong Ling waved and smiled, may at this time Ouyang Zhuo bicycle front wheel suddenly stuck down, Ouyang Zhuo fell down from the car, and the next there is a small pit, Ouyang Cho went in, and finally the truth is due to too much rain to fill the sewer covers do not have water but can not see due to see Cho Chung Ling Ouyang did not pay attention to the brand directly in front of the ride later, the results of Ouyang Zhuo who ride do not sit directly drill Jin Zhong Ling’s car, because Ouyang Zhuo a wet driver did not give way Ouyang Zhuo good face. “

Shen Fei thought, so it really is a cheeky Ouyang Zhuo dry, but it’s also too bad Ah, actually almost lost in the sewers.
Han Xue returning
Chapter 93 (b)

Although Ouyang Zhuo Shen Fei heard many bad deeds, but to hear this guy actually fell almost silent or let the fly sink drains some dumbfounding.

SAC thought so have the opportunity I have to ask Ouyang Zhuo, Ah the day in the end is how to think, but SAC still want to laugh, if it was Ouyang Zhuo not rode it, Hell directly out of sight, to the time people can not be found, then a little too innocent.

now Ouyang Fei Shen Zhuo has become a staple of Korean soft and chat topic, of course, SAC did not mind this, but also know that Han Fei Shen Sophie said Ouyang Takuya no malice, and very definitely Ouyang Fei Shen Zhuo sure this kid out nor less themselves, sometimes not malicious joke also can eliminate fatigue.

one week after the plane ride slowly Han Xue landed at the airport, standing in the airport lobby SAC have not seen such a long time out of Han Xue, Shen Fei thought I did not remember bad, do not have to sit this tour Han Xue flight?

in Shenyang Aircraft heart whispered when suddenly someone behind his eyes blindfolded, SAC feel out a pair of woman’s hands, tender, still a little cool, behind there is a hint of fragrance drifted over.

SAC fresh smell of these stocks are very familiar with Korean Sophie also has such a bottle of perfume, SAC these stocks very light aroma remember very clearly.

Shen Fei smiled, “Han Xue, do not play, handle down.”
Han Xue Shen then go flying
ago, some lost, said: “how do you know me, you see me?”

SAC touched his nose, “I do not want to know the next time you and your sister do not remember using the same perfume.”

Fei Shen Xue Han finished are ready to help with the luggage, but also saw a man standing beside Han Xue, a tall foreign beauty, blonde hair, blue eyes, and that perfect S-shaped curve, ah, have to say foreigners chest is really extraordinary.

just when Shen fly some of the British beauty daze first spoke. “Hello, I’m Han Xue to students, I called Liz.”

SAC also quick hellos. “Hello Shen Fei.”

fly to sink an authentic English so that Liz is also no small surprise. SAC then put two people in the luggage in the car. Send two people home. But this time was a bit SAC screenwriters. Han Xue with Liz back a few days. And strongly urged Liz home to live. That yourself where to live ah? This time I am afraid that it is immune to the sofa? This problem is very serious.

Although SAC mind kept wondering but did not show it on the surface. Along the way, talking and laughing behind Han Xue and Liz have had trouble playing. SAC which saw Liz shake to the chest from the rearview mirror when there is so little emotionally. However, Shen Fei was soon recovered from. And remind ourselves constantly in mind. In the car can not Luanxiang. Will be any death. Zhuo Ya Ouyang that are harmful to ground. Wrong friends ah.

If you are working in a hospital to Ouyang Fei Shen Zhuo if I know my heart now estimates should be read Shen white fly and desperate.
home to Han Fei Shen Sophie called and told her that people have received back. Just one more. Just in time to call Han Xue Fei Shen pulled Liz into his ground room.

SAC stood down the phone after watching Liz and Han Xue bedroom door. “Then what activities? Korea Sophie tonight and not come back. She night shift.”

Han Xue Shen Fei found a hint of disappointment in the eyes look, it seems that Han Han Xue very much hope to be back to accompany their soft, ah, Han Fei Shen Sophie also a bit puzzled why must we watch today, for what not? But just to know that she and the relationship between Han Xue eased ah.

SAC immediately change the subject, to Liz said:? “Liz wanted to try Chinese cuisine, I dare say you certainly did not eat in the UK over the authentic Chinese cuisine, Han Xue do to even, and that is not the . “

SAC Liz was amused, then laughed and laughed also followed Han Xue, Shen Fei heart sigh of relief if the topic then just say God knows the relationship between Han Xue Han soft and will not again deterioration, cracks are sometimes difficult to make up, or taking advantage of cracks when not add insurance.

Since Shen enclave craft very well, that he is also very confident Shen Fei, and Han Xue and Liz ate dinner exhilaration. And Liz SAC actually surprised to find so chopsticks very skilled.
conversation Shen Fei Han Xue know this is taught, but also pay a relatively Liz Han Xue many British etiquette.

SAC could not help secretly nod, do not see Liz also very educated, but after Han Xue Shen Fei found the back obviously matured a lot, and no longer as before frizz up.

After dinner, SAC three people sitting on the couch and talked for a while, Han Xue and Liz’s weakness on revealed itself, after sitting for a day of aircraft, flying began urging Han Xue Shen and Liz went to sleep a. Liz did not express objection. Originally very long time that night, not bad, but it really is more tired.

Liz went to take a bath when Han Xue Shen Fei to rub over. “I say you and my sister in the end to what extent the development?” Then Han Xue Han also pointed grinning Sophie’s bedroom.

Shen Fei thought if really grown to like this step, I’d hope so, but SAC mouth is determined not to admit this idea, to keep this tall and pure image.

SAC slightly angry, “Bite your tongue, your sister and I are very pure relationship to male and female friends, not to you say to that step yet.”

time when Han Xue Shen, then let fly a bit like vomiting, “prudish, despise you!”

SAC I thought what a dignified innocent little boy when the prudish? Uh, although there is so little, but how can you say to a party comrade by so many years of education it!
Liz has showered
then walked out, just bathed Liz is brilliant, SAC as a normal man can not help but also some straight eye, but also put in their hearts to fly Han Xue Shen said several times , They say good flower with green leaves to Han Xue should find an ugly people together than they go right, so as to reflect their beauty, how and with what a stunner, I really would not choose.

Of course, these words can only fly in the heart of Shen YY multiple times, if I was saying God knows Han Xue will not throw him out, this is not fun.

The SAC is also a taste of what is to be completely British style, and really is unique, extraordinary, shaking ZZZZZZZZZ, ah this is just the idea of ​​flying Shen YY, is also the first time I saw Europe SAC beauty a sudden shock and feel.

Since Han Xue bed is large enough, so Han Xue and Liz sleep together at night, because the more tired Liz had entered the bedroom to sleep, but still full of energy showered Han Xue, Shen Fei let some headaches, so how energy exuberant it? Aircraft do not know how tired one day sit it.

but also took Han Xue Shen Shen Fei Fei and chat to fly no option but to stay with Han Xue Shen chatted up, Han Xue in the UK to live, learn, and even went to peek guy says Liz Shen Flying hear wrinkled brow, thinking that this is not in the Korean soft, even if you do not affect their studies and if so Korea Sophie know those things that you do not Skywarp? Himself reluctantly left ear listening ear to take it.

talked for more than an hour and finally some sleepy Han Xue, Shen Fei finally freed, and let the rest go early Han Xue, Han Xue shut the bedroom door after SAC sigh, I thought this day too tough.

Shen fly a cigarette and took a deep bite, spit out a smoke ring, went before the windowsill looking out the night I thought the Korean coastal city of Sophie now doing? SAC at this time is to not come back with Han Xue Han Sophie some do not understand.

out of the bedroom, but the next morning to see Han Xue Shen Fei sleeping on the couch? SAC also woke up and rubbed his eyes and looked at some wearing pajamas Han Xue, looked at his watch before 9:00.

SAC stumbled said: “Han Xue, how do you wake up so early?”

Han Xue Shen Fei Cha Zhaoyao watching, “how do you sleep on the couch, and how not to the bedroom to sleep ah.”

bedroom? Shen Fei thought you sleep, sleep Sophie Korea, which also gave me the bedroom to sleep? Odd strange? South Korea will not let me sleep Sophie’s room, right?

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Quite pretty, ah, you’re better than them and sent a lot of her charm is very large, how do you say? She did not look like the appearance of only relying on people watched the woman, and her pass if it is, it is impossible to find her natural charm. This woman, covered filled with an elegant, like the beauty of oriental classical elegance, so on the one hand, she is also the most attractive places can, that is, her wisdom, though the last time she contacted me and very short But I can see, the woman’s wisdom is very high, even in her thinking, ordinary people will be attracted to her! “
Wang Meng discontent language grunted, is preparing to speak, we heard Lu Feng short laugh: “? Huang captain, I Doukua you for a long time, and you are not also out.”
language Wang Meng togethers, watching Lu Feng blinked, quickly turned to look away when they see that a position behind Lu Feng, a woman dressed in black casual clothes, smiling, turned his head, walk a few steps in front of the two men, smiling, said:!? “I did not think, Lu Feng you dare your wife in front of other women, but so compliment this, in the end you say to your wife hear or say to me of? “
Lu Feng Xiaohe stood up and spoke and said: “Language dream, this is the captain of the Begonia Parkour group oriole, I think you should know that she, yellow captain, of course I was talking to my wife to hear, after all, just she asked me this question! sit down. “
oriole and Wang Meng language nodded to each other, the three were sitting down, oriole only laughed: “? you are not already found me to.”
Lu Feng shook his head and said: “In the time I finished the last sentence, he noticed behind me Neijin fluctuations, IMHO, like yellow captain’s practice there is a problem, you do not seem to be able to control their own good practicing out of the interior strength? “
oriole look changed, changed, then face emerges out of color smile: “Yes, recently there is some problem in practice is because I practice the exercises, only the upper half, the latter part has been lost, so I break through to the second stage, there is no back Gong practitioners, and recently I rubbed myself all been practicing, so that led to practice at a problem. “
Lu Feng nodded and smiled and said: “Do not worry, slowly compress their interior strength, you just break through to the second stage, do not rush to study the following exercises, to lay the foundation first, and then study the case back on the more convenient ! “
oriole smiling nod, gaze swept from the face of the king dream language, light laugh: “King captain, tell the truth, Lu Feng can marry a wife like you,jordans for sale, it is Sanshengyouxing,cheap jordsns Jerseys, you can be I’ve seen the most beautiful woman! And you can become a dream team captain parkour group, enough insight into the leadership you can,cheap jordans shoes, and if I am not mistaken, Dream angel series cosmetics I use, is your company’s right? you, which is China’s dynastic dream big boss? “
Wang Meng language laughed: “I did not expect so clever captain Huang, Lu Feng seems quite understand you!”
oriole laughing, facing the waiter made a gesture, and soon, a cup of aromatic coffee will be brought before her, obviously, oriole should be a frequent visitor here, a gesture will be able to let the waiter know that she wants What flavor drink coffee.
“Lu Feng, find me out so late, I think you husband and wife, will not be looking for me to talk and chat, right? Although there is anything you say this big night, but my time is precious!” oriole said smiling.
Last Lu Feng in language very rude to her, so she also began at this time to launch an attack with words!
Lu Feng did not seem to hear the views of the oriole tone of ridicule, smiled and said: “Since the yellow captain of your time so precious, that I have something to say, this time around you out, actually wanted to find out from you something. “
Here, the king of language in this dream he nodded, she took over from two materials, which are the two information about the group and the Crusaders Parkour Parkour gold group, reached in front of the oriole, land Feng laughed: “I think the yellow captain should also know that these two groups of people Parkour problems, in addition to the other a parkour group, there is a practitioners, while another one has a Parkour group of protoss In addition, it is only these two parkour group, during the race, I was able to perceive some of them has a special ability to make the whole parkour group of people have become very quickly, or that, like Is there a cheat in general, be able to let their speed, strength becomes stronger. Huang captain, these two groups have participated in Parkour Parkour on the next contest, I think you should understand them! “
oriole faint smile at Lu Feng, spoke and said: “! If you want to know their situation, then use a favor in exchange.”
Lu Feng Yi Zheng, Wang Meng is exposed color micro language anger.
king turned around and looked at the words dream, the mind hesitated long before slowly raised his head, looked at the oriole, said: “! Well, I promise you.”
oriole face suddenly emerge out of a big smile, Lu Feng if direct consent, then she’d have to worry about, after all, so easy to owe yourself a favor, it shows that he’s human too worthless! But just so long he mused, consider worthwhile in exchange for favors, which can also be stated that he owed favors a very high value.
hand grabbed the data pointed to data on the oriole Crusaders parkour group at one of the youth, spoke and said:? “His name is John Stafford, he is a devout Christian, you should know that the Pope of Rome, And this, John? Staffordshire, the owner magical powers, as in the end is what kind of force, although I vaguely able to guess a little, but not sure. “
finish the sentence, she reached out and took the last gold Parkour group data pointed to gold Parkour group captain Mutu Holborn, spoke and said:? “He is a protoss, but his abilities are making a variety of spells. Yes, China seems to have such a spell on such legendary Maoshan Taoism where there is such a production operator approach. magical character, there would have produced magic power, when they are in the game, good speed who will use the power of character, good strength and parkour skills who will use the speed character, so in the game, they ran cool group show very strong. “
Lu Feng suddenly, more sure of one thing in mind, namely, that the universe is filled with a variety of energy, the Crusaders parkour group, John? Staffordshire, is the pope should have in one magical power, and gold parkour group captain Mutu? Holborn, is another used a different energy. After thinking for a moment
, Lu Feng suddenly open asked: “yellow captain, so if they have magical powers, why you Begonia parkour parkour group in the next contest, will achieve such excellent results Are their skill? Why do not you? “
Oriole shook his head and said: “Lu Feng, do not you find that thing we Begonia parkour group, and these groups parkour game, both sides did not use special abilities, even I do not use the interior strength of the repair, me and them? good agreement, as is general agreement between us and the other group game Parkour, just use special abilities, and we are not alone! “
Lu Feng spent spent, his face suddenly smile, patted his hand and smiles: “yellow captain, you can be really good calculation, calculation ah well you and they agree, can not use special abilities, and we will be able to match up! So, once we met any of them a parkour group, will use special abilities, then your full game, eventually someone is bound to be kicked out of office, this is the case, you will be able Begonia Parkour group one less strong opponent So, when the last time, you will be able Begonia Parkour group because of your presence, location easy to get the championship. “
Lu Feng rapid analysis, along with his words, the oriole’s face grew ugly, to the end, when Lu Feng finished the last word, the oriole has his feet deep glanced Lu Feng, just smile: “Your wisdom is terrible, yes, indeed so, since now you’ve got it, then I am afraid the last position to snatch the championship team, we Begonia parkour parkour group and you dream team group. Luk, Captain Wang Your question to ask all? If nothing else, I’ll say good-bye! “
Lu Feng and Wang Meng language while his feet, nodded and smiled, looking back oriole at the door of the rapidly disappearing.
Wang Meng language turned his head, looked at Lu Feng asked: “? Lu Feng, with a debt exchange such information, the value of it.”
Lu Feng Wang language turned around to see a dream, smile:. “great value from this today, her intelligence, I have a great harvest, also confirmed a lot of things baby, rest assured, you man always do lose money trading, although owe her a favor, but also human, I need to see what things need to look for me or the people around me have no effect if it is not convenient, it will continue to owe favors chant! her in this condition also favors, hey, I also use conditions also favor! “
gently toward the dream of the king of language by the by, Lu Feng took her in his arms and said quietly: “Now you insight into it, the wisdom of this woman is very frightening, even let her calculations Parkour each group are not found that, even last Parkour contest, even firmly won the championship position. “
Wang Meng language nodded silently.

body of one hundred and thirty seventh chapter come to visit (tenth more!!!)
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run from captain oriole Begonia cool group learned methods, Lu Feng oriole left after sitting in the cafe and Wang Meng whispered words together, they quickly discuss how to do that! Now Dream Team Parkour Parkour groups and corporations, but the Crusaders have a grudge, regardless if the other party to conceal his identity, the use of special abilities in the game, then the Dream Team Parkour groups do have to follow them to be identified?
“dream language, I say, let’s try to go home, if that is still the Crusaders Parkour group insisted that I give the name John? Staffordshire guy to cheat, so when he was not able to match play! but rather gold Parkour group captain Mutu? Holborn, should be better to speak! “Lu Feng whispered.
Wang Meng language nodded, spoke and said: “There is another two Parkour team, which ran the youth Pluto cool group, must be resolved, I was able to feel enough, this guy’s like a piece of ice as cold I do not know good or bad touch! “
Lu Feng laughed: “Do not worry, everything is like me, you immediately give HUANGFU over the phone, asked him to help find the four Parkour contact group, we all call it again tonight!.!”
Wang Meng language nodded HUANGFU super fast dial phone numbers!
************************************************* **********************************
two young, Lu Feng and Wang Meng words come out from New York Hotel, beside the two of them, the captain of the gold Parkour group Mutu Hall accompanied the two to come out of this smiling:? “Lu Feng, Wang captain , then we can say, well, do not use special abilities, and no matter who wins this competition, we all do not care! “
Lu Feng laughed: “Of course, I like Mutu your personality, generous, happy, is a real man, so I am very happy to be able to become friends, and Mr. Mutu you.”
gold ran cool group captain Mutu Holborn eyes lit up, suddenly laughed and said:? “Ok, I also like to listen to your words, can be magical and oriental medicine called a friend, it seems I luck! so be it, so after the day you have time, let cool group of two people ran out to get together, you know what! “
Lu Feng and Wang Meng shouted words nodded farewell Mutu Holborn, the dream of the king of language light laugh:?? “Where a parkour group next two best resolved, have to get now only Pluto parkour parkour group and group of Crusaders! “
Lu Feng hesitated a moment, spoke and said: “! go to Pluto and let it run cool group Crusaders Parkour Group grudges, so this the hardest nut to crack until the final say.”
decision for Lu Feng, Wang Meng natural language no comment. Twenty minutes later, they came to an upscale hotel, sitting in the corner of the first floor lounge area, Lu Feng called the inner Pluto Parkour group of young people that were practicing gas telephone number.
“Which?” After the phone is switched on, there came the sound of indifference.
Lu Feng spoke and said: “?? ask Mr. Brown, the Accord is a dream team, I do Parkour group Lu Feng!” ? after
silence cell phones, Brown Accord cold voice sounded again: “What happened?”
Lu Feng Wang language glanced dream, this spoke and said:? “can not bother you for a martial arts, we see meet me at the hotel’s lobby is now a seating area where you live, if it is convenient, you can not come to a trip? Or you tell us your accommodation, we have to talk to you. “
This time, Brown Accord reply soon:? “You wait for me in the lobby, my three minutes later to!” After
hang up the phone, turned around and looked Lu Feng Wang language dream, smile:. “This guy is really like a Bingku, people feel cold chills all over.”
language Wang Meng smiles: “Then you use a fire to melt him, this time we have to make him promise suggestion otherwise, are cheaper to make crabapple Parkour group took up..”
less than three minutes, Brown? Accord will stand in front of Lu Feng and Wang Meng language, watching Lu Feng and Wang Meng language to his feet, he waved his hand, indicating the two do together, slowly sat two The opposite, spoke and said: “King captain, Luk, you find me something?”
Lu Feng looked around and found this great night of no one, only Xiaohe said:? “Mr. Brown Accord, in fact, is that, if I am not mistaken, you are a practitioner and practice Is the air, right? ” ?
Accord look pale brown eyes, the color of the instant alert ahead of the cold watching Lu Feng and Wang language looks like a dream, apathy, said: “! continues to say”
Lu Feng does not care for his indifference, just that moment, Brown? Accord body burst into the air again, so he clearly knows that this guy is still not reached the second stage of repair for the state, he is now up to at most, it is only the first stage of senior level too!
“You know, we are participating in a world-class parkour competition, if the gas is applied to the repair Parkour contest, this is definitely like a master cheat in general, so I want you to do a convention, Begonia run like you and captain cool oriole group agreed to do the same, you Pluto parkour parkour group and our dream team group if you encounter in the game, both sides can not be used to repair the gas, all with their own real strength to the game, how? “Lu Feng looked at Brown? Accord said seriously.
Brown? Accord saw Lu Feng a deep, suddenly grinned hint of a smile, though his smile looks a little unnatural, and difficult to see, but the most rudimentary, Lu Feng and Wang Meng saw him smile language the!
“In fact, if today you do not come to me, then at the latest tomorrow, I’ll go to you, because I also have this meaning, I ran cool group from your dream team of players who feel the fluctuations in the gas, Parkour group you should have two people who are practicing? “Brown? Accord faint asked.
Lu Feng shook his head, light laugh: “Error, members of our race these days, but you are all practitioners for the state of repair is too low, some people repair realm, you feel!!”
finish the sentence, Lu Feng no longer hide his state of repair, huge momentum quickly toward Brown? Accord pressure to go, at the same time, he is also the body’s interior strength crazy gush, the moment of effort , they have put Brown? Accord surrounded, and gave it to firmly fixed on the sofa

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Parkour class is aware of the contest, but did not know the final final today.
six o’clock, when he was waiting for a full half an hour, a little impatient when distant Shang Wende hands behind walked over.
ever seen Shang Wende high dragon naturally know that he is the master of Lu Feng,cheap jordans shoes, so immediately greeted, his face a smile and said: “You are right to ask your physician 尚文德 still that the Medical Center off work??”
Shang Wende scowled eyes swept him from the high dragon, when his eyes saw the high dragon carrying the bag after only slowly recovered, looked at him and asked:? “Medical Center has closed you are ? “
Coland quickly said: “I am a friend Lu Feng, this time there are some things that come to him, I do not know Lu Feng now?”
Shang Wende eyes flashed a curious look at this man’s appearance, heavyset, covered with sturdy flavor, does not look like a good crop, Lu Feng know when such a person?
hesitated, he lightly said: “Lu Feng Medical Center did not come today, he went to the city to participate in Jiyang Parkour contest finals to go, now six o’clock, do not know the other side of the game has not ended, you If you find him, went there to find him! “
Jiyang City Parkour contest finals?
high longan flashed a wry smile, his own white here for half an hour ah!
hesitated, he whispered: “! physicians still do not know that you can put Lu Feng’s phone number to me, I would contact his party”
Shang Wende hesitated for a moment, then replied: “! you wait.”
Then he immediately called Lu Feng’s phone number.
at this time,jordans for sale, and Wang Lu Feng Yang, who took out the phone chat, see the caller on the phone screen, suddenly made towards everyone quiet gestures, just in front of the phone said: “Master, I have what you are looking for it? “

text of Chapter 65 then please Lu Feng
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Shang Wende said:. “is such that there is a person called the high dragon, said to be your friend, and he gave me the phone number to you not to give him?”
Lu Feng slightly hesitated, then eyes flashed cold color.
high dragon?
he will not know how high the dragon who is?
but he did not expect to find high dragon master even go there!
“Master, you and the high dragon together? let him answer the phone now!” Lufeng Gong King said.
尚文德 handed the phone after the high dragon, only lightly said: “Yes Lu Feng, what do you say to him now he lets you answer the phone!.”
high dragon hearts delight, then took the Shang Wende fed to the phone, quickly said: “?! do I ask is Lu Feng Gao Long, high dragon elite martial arts.”
“What do you want?” Lu Feng faint asked.
high dragon hesitated, glanced Shang Wende, whispered:. “Lu Feng, we can meet again, I find there is one thing you are.”
“Well, you now to the Second People’s Stadium, I am here waiting for you!”
hung up the phone, looked at Shang Wende a high dragon, handed him the phone after only smiled and said: “Thank you yet physicians, Lu Feng is also the second People’s Stadium of it, he let me go to him.”
Shang Wende nodded, then turned to leave. Meanwhile, he was secretly thinking about the future so that Lu Feng from this guy does not look like a good little further, what troubles on Bully.
Jiyang City auditorium on the second People’s Stadium, Lu Feng hang up the phone, looking at the side without a word myth Parkour group members, then to Wang Yang said:! “Today we will have the opportunity to talk to you right here, I have some things to be here waiting for a friend! ” In fact, just
Wang Yang Lu Feng phone rang, ready to leave, but did not want to see Lu Feng escape what they mean, so it is useless to say leave, now hear these words Lu Feng, Wang Yang smiles : “! OK, in that case, we will not bother you that there is a chance the other day, we get together again!”
myth ran the other members of the cool group, they have to leave, then everyone will move far away. On
auditorium, only Lu Feng and Wang Meng two words, then, the king was curious to see the dream language Lu Feng asked:? “Master call you master something you just use your cell phone to talk to who is ? “
Lu Feng short laugh: “One has been repaired several times, I just suddenly people called me and said something to me!!”
language Wang Meng looking for a change, mind thought that person looking for trouble Lu Feng, Lu Feng skill but think that she is slightly under the heart, concern and asked: “? do not have anything of it.”
Lu Feng gently held her in his arms, smiled and said: “!! okay, you worry like they kind of small roles, there is no threat to me.”
Wang Meng language silently nodded his head gently against the Lu Feng chest.
been kidnapped since the last time, to save her after Lu Feng, Wang Lu Feng language as long as the dream of feeling around, even if the sky is falling down, she will not be afraid, Lu Feng, is her safest haven.
Suddenly, the phone rang again ringtones Lu Feng.
face with a trace of doubt, Lu Feng looked out cell phone found on Caller ID is a strange number.
However, he turned the phone, light, said: “! Hey, I’m Lu Feng”
phone, came the sound of money Siqi grinning: “Hey, I know you are Lu Feng, my buddy said, now is not holding the beauty, enjoy the fun of the first to get Parkour ah are you now? Which? I have no money to eat, ready to rub your meal, but also give you an instant drop down as this couple. “
money Siqi?
how is this kid?
Lu Feng dumbfounding holding a phone, Xiao Ma said: “You know how we get the first parkour you where it??”
money Siqi laughter came over the phone:! ‘I near the Hospital of tomorrow is not the day to collect Well TCM qualifications from home so I ran out the way, I brought you a gift, you will keep. likes. “
Lu Feng smile a while,cheap jordsns Jerseys, with that guy’s character, Gee, inflatable doll gift is estimated that type.
slightly thought a moment, he did not know what time to go to the high dragon here, so opening and said: “! you directly to the Second People’s Stadium, now I’m right here in the audience.”
“Go ahead, waiting for a custodian to let your kid excited!” money Siqi Hey hung out laughing.
expression for Lu Feng, Wang Meng language raised an inquisitive mind, Lu Feng understand her character, but also know that Lu Feng in Jiyang city, and no friends, who at this time to call him? But also allows him to expose a mild expression of this dilemma?
Lu Feng smiled and turned pale and looked Wang Meng language curious eyes and said: “money Siqi, that day he was brought medicine qualification time, I had finished the test, even the time to collect medicine certificate to forget. Wait a minute, he said he would come looking for me Cengfan, or that had brought me a gift. “
Wang Meng language Puchi smile, Siqi for money, but she had the impression that the guy usually always glib, but Lu Feng’s character since it can be agreed and wanted to be good.
“You say what he will give you a gift? how I feel he does not always fly? glib not a regular shape, the last time you said that he is very good medicine, but I think if he was chasing girls, but added Playboy potential. “Wang Meng language laughed.
gently hugged Lu Feng Xiang Jian Wang language of dreams, watching the darkening sky, laughing: “I estimate that his gift would not be good to go, if not a name of a cute little bow pigs, is the legendary inflatable doll, that guy, my brain is not really serious. “
Ten minutes later, carrying a bag of high dragon came second People’s Stadium, when he arrived in front of Lu Feng, the sky is completely dark down.
陆峰松 language Wang Meng Xiang Jian open, holding her back to his feet, only to see the tall pale icy dragon, Leng Heng said:? “You come to me to do what something to say.”
Lu Feng hostility Coland feel to the face of this ruthless character Lu Feng, a trace of apprehension in his mind rises, the last thing on the outside of the stadium, as well as in Lu Feng Xiong Li in the martial arts elite in He left a deep imprint on my heart, it is a way to make him feel the feeling of fear.
face showing a trace of hesitation, unconscious, his fists clenched slightly up, gritted his teeth, he look Lu Feng, seriously said: “Lu Feng, the former things, we will not pursue the matter, did not dare accountability, I think we should write off. since you asked, I said yes straight to the point, this time I come to you, is to ask your help! “
Please help yourself?
Lu Feng blinked, as if to hear the funniest joke in the world! What
open international joke?
himself to his father, and uncle to fight very sad, even with the world’s best medical equipment treatment, I am afraid of their father and his uncle, the most they can only stand up the way, I am afraid that even if you want to stand up and running immune. That certain distance, one hundred percent is forged, he even came to help yourself?
enemies in this world can there please help? Is this the high dragon head was burned out? ?
“Really, I really ask you to help! I said things before we write off, and I ask you to help, do not let your white hands, this bag has five hundred thousand in cash, as long as you help This time we are fifty foolproof is to you, I can now put the money to you. “tall dragon spoke seriously, but also raised his hand bag.
In his view, five hundred thousand enough to impress many people, last for one hundred thousand, Lu Feng are able vicious father and uncle shot himself, he was not able to resist the temptation to believe Lu Feng half a million.
Lu Feng looked at it that bag loaded with five hundred thousand, looking cold, said: “!! I will not let you go.” What
not agree? ?
high dragon looking slightly shocked, let him answer Lu Feng suddenly feel kind of overwhelmed.
he did not agree? Do not even ask him himself, he did not ask ah! ! This guy is not like money?
high dragon angry face did not reveal the color, although Lu Feng’s answer to his great surprise, but he did not dare to face in front of Lu Feng, hint of dissatisfaction, after all this time and asked him to help, a bit much!
However, he believes di remark, Hee hee are all benefits to, the world Rangrang all benefits go. There is enough interest, Lu Feng even saints will bow down to the money. After a moment
high dragon before opening, said: “Lu Feng, you do not rush to refuse, we ask you to help things, just a piece of cake for you, these five hundred thousand, but not a small number, I’m afraid ordinary people for many years before they can earn so much of it! Do you want to listen to what I ask you to do? “
Lu Feng heart sneer, on the surface, but shrugged his shoulders, light, said: “! casually”
high dragon hearts delight, Lu Feng did not directly refuse, allowing him to see the hope in mind, so fast, said: “Just like last time, I have come to ask you, is that you want to help, and in Kay contest. We do not know in the end is the elite martial arts how offended at Kay, and even before that we do not mind, and his conflict, he was a ton of bricks., and like last time, and threatened that if we lost, we will shatter plaque elite martial arts, you know, we Gao older elite martial arts for decades of effort, if the plaque is really smashed, I’m afraid we are Ji Gao Shenyang, can not stay. “
at Kai down the gauntlet?
Lu Feng mouth hint of quirky smile, feeling abnormal heart was happy. Although the high dragon
say it, what scores written off before, but if they believe that it is really not as good as even a three year old child! Who do change, father and uncle were labeled as will hate yourself in the mind, you want to retaliate fiercely yourself?
However, Lu Feng is more concerned about the high dragon just last sentence: If the plaque is really smashed, I’m afraid we are Ji Gao Shenyang not stay.
not stay! !
moment, his mind flashed a sneer. Face, but showing a trace of hesitation of color.
“I …… This is something I do not want to pipe! after all, and I do not have any relationship, although five hundred thousand a lot, but I also do not want to and become a master at Kay as an enemy. last thing, all because of you the sky, so we are simply not really the enemy! “
high dragon saw Lu Feng face hesitation, Lu Feng mind to know that some shaken!
immediately redouble their efforts and said: “I know your heart on Lu Feng before we do, but also to heart, it was all our fault, and now things have been away for so long, we see you are also taking a detour this time, if not a last resort, we do not dare to disturb you, you know, except for you, this Jiyang City, where there are people in Kay opponent? This time, you should definitely come forward to help us, these five thousands, even if you accept it. “

body medicine mink Chapter 66
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“This ……” Lu Feng hesitated color face thicker.
Lu Feng and high dragon stood beside the king word dream, beautiful face Daimeiweizhou from Lu Feng and high dragon, then she listen to understand something. Lu Feng, and this got people used to have holidays, perhaps the holidays between them quite deep. And now, this, and Lu Feng has feast, but it took five hundred thousand to invite Lu Feng, to help them deal with others.
see Lu Feng face hesitation, the king of hearts dream language hesitated slightly.
Lu Feng has always been the principle of doing things, he will never be five hundred thousand, try to help and he has a feast, but now the color of hesitation in his face, in the end what is the purpose? Is it because he is
and grandfather agreed, for that thirty million, five hundred thousand so I want to take this?
well in Kai, which in the end is at Kay?
Is it like themselves participated in that contest Parkour Kay?
hearts with a heavy puzzled, she did not speak about the idea of ​​Lu Feng, she loves Lu Feng, naturally believes he can considerate on this matter.
Lu Feng hesitated, but he hesitated longer period of time, the more high dragon hearts rejoice, of course, much of the emotional, is secretly despised Lu Feng, in terms of money, how people can resist the temptation? Even if you have a powerful force, has a great talent in martial arts, the final is not hesitated, is not about to become a slave to money? ? ?
Lu Feng promised to make his decision to fire together, so step forward, he has the kind of attitude a Foolish Baoquan, even with a bit of Italy to pray earnestly said: “Lu Feng, the last is My father and uncle that they confused, but they also paid a terrible price. hope you can help us once again, but the older generation are elite martial arts for several decades of effort ah! I know you are a medical student, you have a Buddha heart, I beg you, be sure to help us, we do not find anything else, just to be able to keep a piece of plaque elite martial arts!! “
Lu Feng looked high dragon that pleading expression, mind is sneer again and again, high family is any virtue, his mind naturally has the last high dragon’s uncle, high strength, seek his own time or a nose a tear it, Finally it? Still not betray not only deliberately neglected themselves, but also unwilling to agree to their own money, is simply shameless villain.
“five hundred thousand, offended at Kay??”
Lu Feng hesitated eyes, mouth muttered.
good long while before he turned around and glanced at the king word dream, hesitated and said:?. “This …… five hundred thousand is not enough, after all, to offend a fighting strong guy and, from his non-compliance is not always Rao for you, we can see that he is a very tough character, if really annoys him, he wraps me, that’s not some tired?? “
Coland quickly said: “No, no, not at Kay looks like a man, and we martial arts, a total of only these money can Couchu

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